Tender Support

Winning any tender requires significant effort, a clear strategy and top performance in every stage.

We can support you in all of the tender stages and help find the edge to create that winning bid.

We can provide support for:

  • Quality submissions
  • Tender interview preparation
  • Client presentations
  • Tender negotiation

Tender Quality Submissions

“The lowest price always wins” – this is often true but not always.

When pricing is close an excellent “Quality Submission” can make the difference between winning and losing.

A poor quality document is also an easy way to lose even with the lowest price.

Standards are rising all the time and many bidders are using specialist bid management and bid strategy services to improve the quality of their bids.

Business Fix provides bid support to consultants and contractors. We provide more than just additional resource. We provide client focused expertise and strategic thinking that raises the whole quality of the bid document.