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The Rainmaker concept

Every organisation needs their Rainmaker and most organisations need more than one Rainmaker.

So what is a Rainmaker?

A Rainmaker generates a significant new business for an enterprise. A rainmaker may be a partner, director or associate who brings many new clients to a firm. A Rainmaker is also a person who can initiate progress, take a leadership role, and has the drive to succeed.”

In many businesses, the Rainmaker responsibilities are left to the senior partner, MD or other business leader. Associates and others may have some marketing duties but frequently “doing things” will get in the way of these unwelcome tasks. Marketing and business development are the responsibilities of others, they are too busy “doing the day job” to have free time for this.

How then do we get others to take on the Rainmaker responsibilities?

There are 4 steps:

  1. Recognise that it does take time and time is limited. So plan carefully how to build the time into your schedule for Rainmaking duties
  2. Understand that it is not a sales job. It is about building relationships and understanding new and existing clients real needs
  3. There are key skills that can be learned to provide the expertise that will make your time and effort worthwhile
  4. Success is a combination of time and effectiveness

There is also a fifth important step:

Contact Business Fix to enquire about our Rainmaker workshops. Our 2 half day workshops will

  • Show you how to make time available to be a Rainmaker
  • Train you in the Rainmaker skills to ensure effectiveness
  • Provide you with a process to deliver Rainmaking success

As a rainmaker is a key person who continually brings in new, or enhances existing business, it is vital for all businesses to cultivate new generations of rainmakers. We have seen it numerous times, where the main Rainmaker in a business moves on or retires and those who remain struggle to fill the huge void left, putting the business in real jeopardy. Do not let this happy to your business take action now!

Business Fix is an Industry Partner of FMB

Business Fix is a FMB Industry Partner

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