At Business Fix we are really passionate about the construction industry, and for that reason we are constantly looking to develop new ideas and models to help the industry to improve productivity, enhance its reputation and bring it to the forefront of the economy, where it rightfully belongs.

Unlike other consultants, we specialize in the construction industry, we understand its unique drivers and its constraints. From working with our extensive list of clients, we know what makes businesses successful and why others fail to realise their potential.

Since 2003 Business Fix have worked with organisations covering all sectors of the construction industry, including Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Contractors, Professional Bodies, Industry Federations, Central Government and even suppliers into the construction industry. It is this broad breadth of experience, which gives us a unique perspective on the industry and how it works.

We take a practical approach in all our interventions, ensuring that we deliver on our promises and that clients, get a significant return on their investment. If you want to improve your performance, develop your team and increase your profits, then Business Fix should be your first call. Our track record of success is second to none and we have earned our reputation as the Construction Industry Experts.